1001 nights the adventures of sinbad

This is a location search. Treasury Collect the pieces of the items shown. There is no other penalty for skipping a mini-game. The blue flowers go in the blue vase on the right.

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It is your task as Sinbad to help Princess Chalida locate the seven gems of her royal crown and break the curse that has entrapped her. The hat goes on the bust. Find Hidden Objects, identify specific spots in each scene, and overcome powerful guardians as you seek out the precious stones. The Shiphold Collect the tiny fragments of the Map that are visible in the scene.

1001 Arabian Nights: The Adventures of Sinbad #0

Before you're through, you'll find a crystal in the heart of a volcano, outsmart a scheming ice god and defeat a raging sea demon, all in the name of adventure! This time, you adventues just collecting information as you search for the source of the mysterious voice.

Although Sinbad was just a poor fisherman, he worked hard so fate led him to a treasure which he shared with his people but the wizard became angry and threw him into the sea.

Katana, Sai, Ninja, Shuriken. Whenever you are dragging something into a scene, click when you have the tip of the cursor positioned where you want the object to go.

Tomahawk, Dreamcatcher, Axe, Cutter. You must first solve the riddle on the Find List, then collect the object that matches the solution. Follow the Sequence Mini-game The lights on the chest of the Ruhh will light. The game also provides free sparkle hints in some scenes. Along the way you'll have to solve dozens of clever riddles and beat eight challenging minigames, in Nights: Fiery Valley This is a location search. The chess pieces go on the chessboard.

Nights: The Adventures of Sindbad > iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac & PC Game | Big Fish

Winter Wasteland Collect the parts of all the items shown. Can you rescue the beautiful princess and fulfill your Sindbad's destiny? Each time you click on the 101 that exactly matches one of the picture titles, you niguts be awarded a jewel fragment. Optional insects are marked in cyan. The items are small and yes it does show you where they are but if you just look for what you want and do not wait for it to show you then you learn not to look for that. The Adventures of Sinbad!

Help the lovely Princess Chalida locate the seven gems of her royal crown and break the curse that has trapped her in a body of wood! The Adventures Of Sindbad. Collect the items on the Find List. Herring, Shark, Polar Bear, Flatfish.

Her name was Chalida and she once was an heir to the throne of Basra. You might have heard about the exploits of Sindbad nibhts Sailor, but now in this new hidden object adventure you find out how he met his one true love and saved her from a fate worse than death.

1001 Nights: The Adventures Of Sindbad

Take the Torch from your inventory and touch it to the flame. One of the skulls is part of a pirate flag. The game autosaves automatically. Check out our Blog Walkthrough. Mistakes of the Past Walkthrough Dark Romance: Kiss of the Night Walkthrough Mystery Tales: Big Fish Blog Walkthroughs Nights: Use the PLAY button to return to regular gameplay.

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