Bakugan battle brawlers defenders of the core psp

Dan tells Drago to escape, while Shadow takes Elfin. Ace informs them that the Vexos have moved to another base, where Percival is being held. The Resistance then finds Mira back at the plane, where she tells them that she was spying on the Vexos, who have supposedly found a way to reach the core. The Resistance chases after him and confronts him. The player tests out the hologram and it works, but it blows the Resistance's cover and two Vestals challenge him to a battle.

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Bakugan Battle Brawlers - Defenders Of The Core

With the Vexos defeated, the Resistance gains back their ability to battle and reunites with their Bakugan. The Resistance then finds Mira back at the plane, where she tells them that she was spying on the Vexos, who have supposedly found a way to reach the core.

Mira is in possession of one, so the player, Dan, and Marucho set brawwlers to locate her the next morning. They find Ace hiding behind a building, but he is extremely hostile towards the player.

Both the Vexos Crystals and the Landmarks come in the Six Attributes which offer certain advantages over other attributes. Meanwhile, Lync is wreaking havoc at a volcano in China.

However, he also sets his sights on a tower and uses Elfin to attempt to destroy it. Ability Cards are now used to perform extremely powerful attacks and Bakugan are now able to coee captured.

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Defenders of the Core brings gamers into a fast binding action adventure to save the Earth and New Vestroia from Zenoheld, Spectra and their Vexos minions. The game occurs in two alternate realities. Lync and Volt then teleport away. The player recaptures Wilda and then battles Hades. Marucho sees that Shadow has Elfin and demands that he return her, but he refuses to unless the player can defeat him in a battle.

The player is unsure of his abilities until Shun defejders up. After defeating Gus, the last of the Vexos Crystals are destroyed and Marucho has found the last Trap for Maxus Dragonoid, so the Resistance heads to the Vexos's underground base to find Spectra. So you what you see? Dan tells Drago to escape, while Shadow takes Elfin. He then engages Shadow in a battle using Drago and succeeds in destroying a battlw Vexos Crystal being powered by the larger one.

Abyss then informs the player that Spectra is on his way to vakugan.

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Mira gives the player the IC chip and he is about to return home, pdp decides to stay and help the Resistance instead. Defenders of the Core, players will create a new hero and lead the brawlers on an epic adventure to save Earth's cities from Spectra and his Vexos minions.

Just then, they get a call from Acewho tells them that he has lost his ability to battle and Percival has been captured by Volt. The player manages to defeat Lync, taking back Ingram and Nemus. The player suggests that Shun battle Volt, but Shun, like the others, has had his abiltiy to brawl taken away, and has also lost Ingram, leaving the player the only one who can battle Volt.

Retrieved from " http: That evening, the Resistance reaches a Vexos base, where Spectra is waiting. Find out how else you can support emuparadise.

The player defeats Shadow and takes Elfin back, though Shadow kidnaps Mira. Share with your Friends: The group splits up to look for Ace in another town in the UK.

Marucho's computer picks up massive energy readings from the UK, so the Resistance make the UK their next stop.

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The group heads to China to investigate. They meet up with Shun, who helps them locate Lync and Brawlegs, who are overseeing the use of Haos and Ventus crystals.

The cavern in which the core is located begins to collapse, however, so everyone, including Spectra, who renounces his old ways and goes back to being Keith, jumps on Drago's back and escapes.

In the Japanese version the main six Resistance Brawlers' Bakugan's Evolved forms use the correct ball forms. She suggests that he builds a hologram projector to use as a decoy for the landmarks that the Vexos are attempting to destroy. Suddenly, Drago begins glowing and evolves into Cross Dragonoid.

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