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Free LAS Viewers 1. Admin Site Admin Joined: Technology Halliburton's commitment to innovation remains strong.

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It supports version 2 LAS only. Additions welcome through a reply!

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Home Software Other Software. The goal is to provide a flexible and programmable technical tool for exploring large lidar point data sets and derived geometry. Track 4 provides a cross-sectional view of the data in track 2.

Geology students and graduates can join the discussion and get into contact with potential future employees. Switch site language to: Track 2 provides hallibutton image of the flow as measured by the CAT tool.

This service is extremely useful in highly deviated and horizontal wells having multiphase flow. Tue Jun 08, 3: The interface was originally developed for viewing large airborne laser scans, but also works quite well for point clouds acquired using terrestrial lidar and other sources such as bathymetric sonar.

Admin Site Admin Joined: Displaz IPC lets you script the interface halliiburton the command line. This new-generation tool allows complete acoustic visualization, in both cased and open holes through higher resolution, precise digital information and simultaneous measurements. Will check it out soon and see how it works Last edited by mittaltarsem on Mon Apr 23, 5: Alphabetical Index Products and Services Index.

Page 1 of 2. Track 3 shows the average of the 12 sensors along with the two center sample holdup measurements, fluid density and Hydro tool. I am just trying to convert a las file to a neat looking ascii file. Formation compaction may also change the porosity and permeability of the reservoir rock, thus affecting recovery efficiency and well productivity. viweer

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This presentation allows a quick method for determining fluid contacts while providing an accurate calculation of fluid composition. Registration is easy so become a member now for instant free access. Performance remains interactive as the number of points becomes too large to draw in a single frame.

It would be a task to separate the code so that it converts las to ascii. Read a line of data. If you suspect copyright infringement please use the contact form to report it. Good stuff, how i can download it? Detector spacing is customized to match each customer's requirements, and each measurement is speed corrected and temperature compensated. Cased-Hole Logging With more than 76 years of specialized cased-hole experience, Halliburton has the resources to help with all your cased-hole challenges.

Click on image to view a larger version. Tue Apr 10, Development is occurring here: Sun Nov 09, 2: Wed Jan 18, Previous topic Next topic.

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