Goonie goon no lackin

We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid. This is a scam, don't be foolish enough to give money to these fools. But if you re making profit in our area, we want to see isks. I know, I know, it requires the post you're making to actually hold a logically sound basis, but them's the breaks. Can I join your fan club now oooo great warrior

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You really really can't Make sure they are insured. Behind the scenes there is much more going on. I'm concerned, they seem to accidentally biomass themselves and get replaced by new ones.

noo Not lost a single ship since signing up to this white list. Goons thought a Lachesis would stop a cynabal, they died 3rd try: I have a hauler full of meth. This is a Mafia style 'insurance' policy. Way too much effort for just a handfull of jackdaw kills. It's certainly an interesting war. Backfyre Imperial Academy Amarr Empire And expecting people in positions of power to document their underlings performances occasionally!

Mama Neva Understand

Our war with the Goons started after they stole our share of the loot from alckin 27 bil Providence. But the many trillions of isk made, would have created an imbalance if left in the hands of the GOONS. Previous Topic Next Topic.

It is your rebellious behavior ogonie have forced the kind people at miniluv to redouble efforts at bringing highsec anarchism to heel. I hereby present you above with a list lqckin the gooonie alts who do their highsec hauling for them. Co-host and editor of Declarations of War Podcast http: I believe I do meet the qualifications. That lackiin flying in high sec way safer for you guys Well my bantams aren't SRPed but they don't cost much so shrug I just get a free frigate if I am sure we are going to die.

I mean credit where it's due, that whole recycle-an-alt thing he uses to point the freighters and do the login trap works well enough, but comments about clever uses of exploits aside, it's not you doing it.

Rez Valintine Thunderwaffe Goonswarm Federation Notice how it doesn't last? I lied, there's none left. The only difference is we are much more interested in targeting certain links only, neutrals get caught up in our methods all the time. Video Interviews, Documentaries and Films. Burn jita rates added.


I do find it odd that of all the MMO's you guys play, EVE seems to be the only one where the focus goes beyond simply ruining the game for other players.

Freighters; m nno tax per month per pilot.

However since we decced goons we haven't seen a freighter gank in uedama or the surroundings. Submit a new text lackinn. I watched the Soprano's after being likened to a Mafia figure, I'm pretty insulted, I'm a lot more organised than these fat old men. Please tell me more about how awesome you are.

One day I will be allowed to post what is actually happening and how it went down, until that day I'm going to keep it in my notepads and await a time when little goon boys and girls want to hear about how empire fell to the might of the Goonswarm Federation and their CFC allies. Some of their forum flames seem well considered and logical. Oh no, the scrub mobile is on its way Send em our way.

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