Blade and soul english patch

Dont know how but, doesnt matter. Try to find a guide if you are lost but just simply track quest. Did you put both locals?

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[家庭Hyuga] Blade & Soul English Patch July 2, 2017

Or do I have to farm for mats all the way to legendary? Dont know how but, doesnt matter.

Unless you are having the Microsoft Net Framework error? I was wondering if I could get Korean or English patch for Vietnam. Wnd far I've seen this in Act 2 main quests as well as some blue quests scattered around.

Just type 3 or 9b to catch orbs. Take note that if 64 bit is not working, try using 32 bit.

It's now working for me, when I replace the file I restart the client and it's all still in Chinese, I followed the directions and even updated the file today since there was a patch. Im using this http: Btw about the errors mentioned, I pasted both patched 32bit and 64bit that may have been the factor of me experiencing the empty chat box when I press emotes.

The emotes don't work.


Try to repair your files. This patch is not mine but it belongs to Hyuga. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Just mouse over each box. OK, and thanks again for the info about the 32bit local reach 50 fast enough cuz of it though spent balde for gem I don't need but I'll sell it again then complete the story.

Did you put both locals? Actually I'm not sure if they are bugs or an I have a faulty installation, but there are quests that have no text at all. Log in or sign up in seconds.

Do a file repair and try again. But enlgish stuff I can sell for a good income at least the minimum? October 10th-December 5th Rules This is a summary of the rules for this sub. Making the guide took no effort but thank you: Have you completed the quest though.

[TW/JP/KR/CN] English patch by 家庭Hyuga Follow the instructions. : bladeandsoul

But the guide made me confused. Why isn't Thailand to English working? S Update every Wednesday after maintenance Credits: I want players to play with englis so it's free if I can get the tool lol. Got a little afraid since the dev might change the drive address Btw is the voice pack and visual pack you talking you can't use is from izanami right? Rolling new char is not that hard anymore: Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

October 17th — November 7th Outfit Rotation: I'd like to thank all for doing ebglish. Weird tried to put back the original locals and run the game it worked switch to the patched locals again didn't work BTW a different topic if you want to answer or have the answer, this about the final rewards I mean after all story quest available or after every main quest does the quest gives you materials to reach "True Ivorymoon stage 10" at the very least?

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