Daf yomi shiur

Weekly multi-part, in-depth shiur given by Rabbi Moshe Elfant of the OU relating to a topic on the daf. Mar 7, Series: A hyperlinked Daf Yomi calendar.

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If you know how to add a link, that is always welcome, I did it for you here in case that wasn't clear you can see it if you edit your answer. Menachot Daf 76 Speaker: Daf Yomi Online by Eliyahu Fink.

Shiurim by Rabbi Shmuel Wise of Rochester. It was good while it lasted.

Daf Yomi | Daily Daf Yomi Calendar & Audio Shiurim - Real Clear Daf

Currently covers Berachot 2 - Yoma I'm looking for a Daf Yomi shiur online that is significantly shorter than the normal minutes. Introduction to Seder Nashim Speaker: There is a review of a couple English shiurim listed here including average length, audio quality, format, etc. It's also available through the iTalmud app itunes. Content varies depending on the speaker; ranges from a summary of the daf to a focus on one particular story.

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. The charts of Topics by Daf are a great source if you are trying to figure out what to cover within a currilculum. All Today This week This month. Solid material since the beginning of the new cycle, plus lots of material on the yeshivishe masechtos in Nezikin. Around 20 minutes a Daf and yet clear and concise.

In progress Upcoming Past.

Hasn't posted in a year. A daily recap of a selection from the daf accompanied with a classical painting illustrating the theme. Explanations, with footnotes for the more advanced.

Steinsaltz on the Daf.

Welcome to MiYodeya Arthur and thanks for this first answer. Or you can just search for it on itunes. One of the best magiddei shiur for Daf Yomi on the Web via the OU; shiur is jam-packed with rishonim and acharonim.

His average is between minutes a daf. Each Daf is about 20 minutes, on average, but pretty understandable.

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Jun 2, Series: No shiur for shabbat, misses the occasional day. Mar 7, Series: Very enjoyable daf shiur by the Rosh Yeshiva of Chovevei. One of the few sites to post ahead for shabbat and yom tov. He'aros on the Daf. Mi Yodeya works best with JavaScript enabled.

Slower-paced but parshan-packed shiur given by Rabbi Moshe Elefant. This can be found on iTunes for free. Oct 5, Series:

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